The Greatest Inu

Pump those who came before you, and you will be pumped by those who follow.

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Ponzu Inu Tokenomics

The Great Ponzu has labored tirelessly to summon tokenomics that grant the wishes of his faithful followers as a big "Screw you!" to these rich boys and their tweets.



Ponzu has incorporated a 5% tax per transaction to benefit the little guys and incentivize climbing up the pyramid!

  • 10 Billion Supply
  • 50% Slow Burn Sacrifice (Random Burns in 2 Weeks)
  • Further Burns for every Milestone until 10% remains
  • Liquidity Locked
  • Ownership NOT Renounced >
  • 5% Tribute

Ponzu's Tribute

Yes. Tribute for Ponzu. A 5% tax per transaction to benefit the little guys and incentivize climbing up the pyramid.

  • 1% Redistribution >
  • 1% Capture the Ponzu >
  • 1% King of the Pyramid (4h Duration) >
  • 1% P2P Treasure Fund >
  • 1% Burn >

Ponzu's Commands

Enough is enough, the Great Ponzu is weary of Bots and Whales. So he wrote some commandments hardcoded in the contract with the gods. Sell fees of 5% are broken down as 2% rfi, 1% burn, 1% treasury, 1% sell. Don't forget slippage for the above situations.

  • Thou Shalt Not Snipe >
  • Thou Shalt PUMP >

Roadmap from the Moon To Pluto .

Ponzu has laid out a wise plan to bring to his vision to the kingdoms of Defi. From the land of Inu to Mooning to Mars and finally pumping to Pluto, this blueprint is unlike any scheme that the Degens of planet Earth has ever witnessed.

  1. Moon

    • CG, CMC
    • Marketing Agencies push
    • NFT Platform (Collectibles)
    • Blessed Lottery >
    • OTC Treasury (alpha)

  2. Mars

    • Staking farm
    • Build a temple made of martian rocks
    • NFT farm
    • NFT charity partnerships with pounds and other organization without giving 50% of our tokens away
    • OTC Treasury (beta)

  3. Pluto

    • BSC AND MATIC Bridge
    • Possible development of launchpad / collaboration for Inu and other meme tokens
    • OTC Treasury (Final Release)


The Bot Smiter.

Consulting with the Gods we decided to use unique DAO-like features to initiate community bot smiting mechanics instead of rug-like sell taxes that overpenalize. Ponzu gives the community weapons against the bots and the dumpers to safeguard their own journey to Pluto.

Read how it works on our whitepaper

Ponzu's Clerics
Guiding the Way to Pluto.

Our Team is composed of members from some of the most fire meme projects the crypto space has ever seen. Ponzu has chosen them personally to build the ultimate meme Dream Team.


Pon Z Doggato

Ponzu's Technoking


Demon P4T

Ponzu's Personal Painter



Ponzu's Evangelist

Frequently asked questions.

You Have questions about Ponzu, right?

Why can't I buy?

There are a few potential reasons,
1) the whale limit can still be in place limiting the total amount of coins held in any address at a given time,
2) the slippage isn’t set correctly (min is 5%), or
3) decimals in sell or buy amounts that are difficult to process (try adding an extra 0 at the end).

Ponzu is the quintessential Defi Inu. He perfectly represents and reflects Defi in all its Inu glory and spirit. Every Inu project is just a pale reflection of Ponzu’s vision, and it shows. Where the other Inus lack, Ponzu shines with “perpetual pyramid of profitability” mechanisms.

Of course, these statements are all solely for entertainment purposes and is in no way financial advice, only an explanation of how much better Ponzu is than any other mangy mutt that calls itself an Inu.

Currently there are 20 or so talented and connected members contributing to the progression of the perfect Ponzu pyramid. We are always looking for more contributors, including artists for producing mangas, animators to produce content, YouTube and content creators for educational material as well as just for fun.

Anyone who can bring a new dimension of fun into this project is more than welcome to reach out and apply.

To reach Pluto we as a team obviously have specific marketing plans currently this is what our marketing and promotion activities are looking like:

  • Influencer Marketing (Crypto Twitter/Youtube/Tiktok)
  • Ponzu's Vision (Ads Campaign on Poocoin/Dextools/ecc)
  • Virtual Ponzu's Temple Visit
  • 3d billboard
  • "Temple of Ponzu" endless runner game
    - pick your inu (other inus collab) - winning with different inus gets you rewards that are redeemable for ponzu or even the Inu itself
  • #ponzupack -> anyone who takes a picture and shares on insta gets 5$ worth of ponzu
  • ponzu youtube channel
  • Ponzunomics podcast
  • Ponzu childrens book
  • Ponzu 'defend the temple' game for Android iOs

Ponzu, in Japanese, commonly refers to a citrus sauce made from tart and bitter fruits. These past few weeks have been bitter, but Ponzu has been able to create a tasty concoction from it all, literally like turning lemons into lemonade. We are simply passionate crypto enthusiasts who want to create a fun token with a mission to propel all decentralized dog lovers to Pluto.

Ponzu brings as much utility to the table as BTC does. This utility is determined, in large part, by the desire of the community to see Ponzu reach Pluto.

Furthermore, memes bring a new kind of social value that BTC and other store-of-value projects do not. They have social currency and, therefore, are valuable, with a good model of the kind social value that memes offer being Doge.

For us, there are no loftier goals than to see our Great Inu fly among the stars and to use every meme and fun twists on the social construct to get there

With 20 people in just our initial launch group who are well known in the Defi space and/or marketers to some degree, we have a wide-ranging and powerful strategy to rocket Ponzu to Pluto. Our community manager, Mr. Doggato has a wealth of experience as a community builder of a major meme coin and of a non-profit in an EU country and will lead this aspect of the campaign with the importance of community engagement in mind. He is organizing regular community-focused events, such as giveaways, contests, as well as hyped marketing events. Ponzu is just getting started on his journey into the crypto universe. Come join us!

The Meme Dream Team is first and foremost in it for the memes. These individuals understand that memes are unique in their own right and an entire category unto themselves. Every member is experienced in his or her specific field, whether in marketing, development, design, management, etc. Our collective mission is to elevate memes to become as legit as any other currency out there, including BTC. We ask “Why not? What makes BTC any more special than a meme coin?” Our team checks all the boxes in terms of background and talent to take Ponzu there, and we're always looking to expand as we leave the moon, Mars, and Pluto in the rearview, and head towards unexplored expanses of the beyond.

The "perpetual pyramid of profitability," or PPP, includes the mechanisms by which Ponzu can create a sustainable long-term rocket ride for holders, firstly by incentivizing profit-taking holders to have stronger hands and not hamper the momentum of the project and secondly by drawing in buyers and whales while disincentivizing them from dumping immediately during times of liquidity advantages. The next phase of the roadmap will further augment the PPP through recycling burn fees into a farm that will lower sell pressure and increase rewards for diamond hands. Other features in the roadmap include NFT reflection farms (TBD).

Before we even get to Pluto, it is a goal of Ponzu mission to be fun and welcoming as a community. The whole structure of the Ponzu system is to create conditions that allow for reasonable levels of profit taking and also establish a sturdy price floor, which will allow our holders to have more confidence about price stability as we get closer to our market cap dreams.

However, what happens once we reach, say, a $10B market cap? It is this team’s opinion that memes are this generation's BTC. Boomers understood BTC as a store of value, a form of digital gold offering something fiat can never. We believe meme currencies are the next step in the evolution and will be proven to be much better stores of value. So in the long-run our goal is to get Ponzu in front of as many people as possible and to become a household name, such as Dogecoin. Ponzu offers all the same benefits of BTC as compared to fiat, so why choose BTC when there is an option that better reflects the meme culture and times we live in?

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